Setting a Higher Standard


Since 1993, Raldex Hospitality has maintained an unparalleled standard of excellence across all capabilities as hotel developer, owner and operator, providing dedicated hotel management services to both upscale select-service  and limited service properties. Together with the non-negotiables of hard work, integrity and transparency, we apply a relationship-first mentality to every project.


In 2019, Raldex Hospitality Services was born out of both President Gregg Parsons and Vice President Chad Patterson’s love for hospitality. Their entrepreneurial spirit and many ideas spearheaded this endeavor. Their mission was to develop and acquire high-quality hotel properties and to provide dedicated hotel management services to help owners to achieve their goals.

Today Raldex Hospitality Services is known in the hospitality industry for its expertise and excellence as a hotel owner, operator and developer, but it is our company’s emphasis on instilling a rich and vibrant culture that separates it from its competitors. Our culture is a large part of what drives our recognized consistency and commitment in providing our guests service excellence at the highest level.

A Culture Built on Quality, Integrity, Community, Profitability and Fun

Excellence in operational execution is a promise we confidently make, knowing that our cornerstones form the solid foundation of every relationship, every project, every procurement. As a private company with over 35 years of experience in operating premium branded hotels in all economic cycles and markets throughout North America, Raldex Hospitality has been able to quickly adapt to changing business environments because of these steadfast practices.

Our Cornerstones:

Delivering Quality

Our development philosophy is characterized by ingenuity, resourcefulness, and quality, and each project is managed in partnership with owners and investors. We maximize each dollar invested in the property, yielding top-quality hotels that lead their market and generate the highest possible profit.


We don’t just talk a good game. We hold ourselves to the highest standard when it comes to integrity. We insist on transparency in all our partnerships, and the quality it yields has become our hallmark.

Supporting Community

We’re in the business of serving people, and that extends to our community as well as our business. Our community mission is to partner with charitable organizations that provide food and shelter to those in need.

Growing Profitability

Raldex’s investors, owners and associates operate as true partners in the company. Together, we focus on efficient and effective operations, promoting accountability and continually seeking innovation in all areas of our business. Through these efforts, we continue to enhance financial profits to our owners.

Having Fun

Our team members are our biggest asset, and in order to operate at the top, we have to attract and retain the top talent in the industry. We do that simply by making work fun! We provide a rewarding environment, one in which our team members enjoy immediate and personalized feedback, opportunities for learning and growth, and recognition for individual and team contributions. We have celebration programs and associate-focused processes in place as well as Associate Advisory Councils at each hotel to promote an open, transparent work environment where all team members have a voice to make a meaningful impact on the company and its direction.